St Gregory's Catholic Church

St Gregory Catholic Church

Our church is located beside the school, at the corner of Kipling Avenue and Rathburn Road.

Our Pastor believes in working closely with the principal, staff and teachers of our local catholic school. Some of the children who attend St. Gregory's Parish are also students of St. Gregory Catholic School. Spiritual guidance and education are important parts of the school curriculum. Our pastor supports the teaching staff in their lessons to broaden the students' knowledge of God, religion and the church in a better way.

In cooperation with the school, the parish implemented the Sacramental Norms program, where the candidates for both Confirmation and First Holy Communion receive their 'immediate' preparation through the parish, thus complementing their studies and religious practices at school and at home.

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Mailing Adress: 122 Rathburn Road  Etobicok   ON   M9B 2K6

Telephone: 416.239.4831



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