Wellness Day 2016

Wellness Day for the Grades 7’s and 8’s is April 28, 2016. Students participate every two years in a biannual Wellness Day. The students will have the opportunity, in small groups, to learn strategies that will help them manage and relieve stress, set personal goals and learn about mental health. Students are asked to bring a reusable water bottle, a healthy lunch and a positive attitude. We thank the parents and presenters in advance for taking time out of their busy schedules to enrich our students with a wealth of information that will help them as they journey into adulthood.

It is a great program and the students appear to enjoy and learn the lifelong skills taught at this event. It is a fun program full of confidence building opportunities.

Health Action Team (HAT)

Fun Food Fridays and Wellness Day 2016

It is again time for our Fun Food Fridays!! This year, our topic is HEALTHY SNACKS….a new twist on TRAIL MIX! We will be talking about adding more fruit to our snacks in trail mix. We start with a 5-10 minute presentation followed by a healthy snack that the students will make themselves.

The Full Day Kindergarten students will assemble and snack on a simple trail mix with their choice of dried fruit, cereal, dried coconut flakes and chocolate chips listed below. The older grades will be making a trail mix with their choice of dried fruit, dried beans and/or peas, cereal, and shredded coconut.


There are no specific amounts so you can make it to your specific tastes just like our students did. Just add any combination of the ingredients below:

1. Chex Cereal (nut free, gluten free)

2. Semi sweet chocolate chips (nut free, gluten free)

3. Sweetened coconut flakes from Bulk Barn

4. Dry bean mix from Bulk Barn or dried Chick peas from The Good Bean (nut free, gluten free) – good protein source and replaces nuts and seeds

5. Craisins (nut free, gluten free)

6. Sun Maid Raisins – organic (nut free, gluten free)

7. Dried Apricots – organic, sulphite free

The dash of sweet is only a small amount – chocolate chips and the sweetened coconut.

Have fun creating your Trail Mix!

Email tanya.giaquinto@rogers.com directly for details about the products being offered for our Fun Food Friday snack.

Great Big Crunch 2016

This year's Annual Great Big Crunch will take place on Thursday March 10, 2016, at 2:30pm EST.

The Great Big Crunch focus is to build healthy school food communities in March during Nutrition Month. Each year our school registers with Food Share and the kids from all grades steps into their hallways and takes a big bite into their apple provided by the school.

Why do we participate in the Great Big Crunch?

  • Promotes and celebrates healthy snacking
  • Highlights and encourages buying local produce all year long
  • Celebrates nutrition month
  • Looks at using fruits and vegetables as a way to talk about healthy eating and community building
  • It’s fun to do something together as a school

For more: foodshare.net/