What's Happening This School Year



Cooper's Corner February was a busy month in athletics at St. Gregory. The basketball season was in full swing. The boys’ basketball team travelled to Archbishop Romero for an invitational tournament and travelled to Don Bosco for their divisional tournament. The boys came up short in each tournament but worked hard, improved and had fun.

The girls’ basketball team also travelled to Archbishop Romero for an invitational tournament and hosted the West Region divisional tournament. The girls won the Romero Invitational and was a finalist in the divisional tournament. Well done ladies!

The Hockey season was also in full swing at St. Gregory. The co-ed hockey team participated in the Marlies Meltdown tournament at the Mastercard Centre and Ricoh Coliseum. The team battled hard for two days and lost to the eventual champions in a hard fought semi- final game. The team will play in their two TCDSB tournaments at York University in March. St. Gregory’s girls’ hockey team is practicing once a week in preparation for two tournaments in March.

The junior boys and girls volleyball teams are practicing hard in preparation for their divisional tournaments in late March. Both teams will also travel to Our Lady of Victory in early March for invitational tournaments. St. Gregory has also started tryouts for junior boys and girls basketball teams. This is an exciting new activity for our junior students. The teams will compete in their divisional tournaments in late April.

The junior soccer house league continues its play. Participation rates among our junior students has been high!

Last but not least, our St. Gregory Swim Team continues to train hard in preparation for their first meet. All these activities prove that St. Gregory is truly a great place to be! Go Gregs Go!!!