bus routes and times, and bus safety

School Bus

We will continue to be a very busy place at entry and dismissal times due to the number buses that arrive and depart each day. Please make sure your child knows their bus number and understands the standards of behavior and safety expected as they ride the bus.

This will be enforced, for student safety, as the side of the school is a bus loading zone. Any changes in transportation must be made in writing via the agenda or a note. Please only call on rare occasions or if it is an emergency. Unless the school is notified in writing of any changes, students will follow their usual dismissal routine.

School Bus Loading/Unloading Zone (U-Shaped Drive)

- Please do not park in the u-shaped drive between 8:00 and 8:30 a.m., 3:00 and 3:15 p.m.

- Our bus drivers are looking to avoid unsafe conditions (children, adults walking between buses)

- Supervised "kiss and ride" in our u-shaped drive (church lot is not supervised)

School Bus Routes

Bus transportation is provided to those students who reside within the designated transportation route. For St Gregory, students are drawn from the catchment area bounded by Eglinton Avenue West to the north and Burnhamthorpe Road to the south, the East Mall to the west and Islington Avenue to the east as seen in this map.

Students that normally do not travel by bus may not take the bus nor are students allowed to "change buses". If you have questions, please contact the TCDSB Transportation Department at 416.222.8282.

Please contact the BUS COMPANY FIRST STUDENT at 905-629-8200 for more information about your child's bus route.

For additional information about St Gregory's bus routes and times, go to TCDSB Student Transportation Services.

For more information, please refer to the Letters & Forms section for a copy of the Student/Parent Handbook.